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Wow Worthy Website


Because you deserve a beautiful, modern author website that grows your platform and creates a wow-worthy reader experience.

Sound like you?

You want...

To share your books with the world and grow your author platform.

You don't have...

An extra thousand dollars to invest in a professional web designer at the moment. And you definitely don’t have time to waste waiting until you do! The time is now and you know it!

You are tired of...

All the guesswork involved in building a website. You are overwhelmed with your options, stressed out from researching, and done wondering what to include.

You are ready...

To learn everything you need to know about building a stunning WordPress author website and take your platform to the next level!

You know...

As an authorpreneur, your website needs to stand out from the crowd to attract ideal readers and keep them on your page for longer than a few seconds!

You have...

The burning desire to create something modern and fresh that perfectly reflects your personal author brand.

If this is you, Wow Worthy Website is




Wow Worthy Website helps you launch your WordPress author website in just 4 weeks with a step-by-step guided program that shows you how to build a website and customize it to be uniquely yours, using our tried-tested-and-true website building method.

Here’s how Wow Worthy Website is different from other courses:

  • We go through the course STEP-BY-STEP, one week at a time. No throwing random content at you and inducing overwhelm here.
  • You get responsive, customizable Elementor page templates designed specifically for fiction authors.
  • Detailed video tutorials that show you exactly what to do step-by-step and easy to follow screen views plus screenshot review for your convenience.
  • We tackle the STRATEGY of how your website will play into the large scheme of things, why it's considered your author platform home base, and how to create an intentional reader journey.

What's inside?

This fiction author website design course comes with 4 step-by-step modules, taking you through each phase of setting up your author website with video lessons, a TON of customizable drag-and-drop page templates, workbooks, check-lists, and swipe files, and some epic bonuses.

Plus throughout the course, I'll be building a website RIGHT ALONG with you. So that you can implement the steps as I walk you through them.

The Breakdown...

Module 1 - Plan Your Website

  • Choose the right domain and hosting for your website

  • Install WordPress and set up a coming soon page

  • Learn the core pages you should have on your author website + plan out any extra pages

  • Lay out your website framework

Module 2 - Build Your Website

  • Select your website colors, fonts, and branding

  • Create a website logo and icon

  • Create your site pages and navigation menu

  • Install and customize your free Ocean WP Theme

  • Choose and install plugins for enhanced design features, optimization, and security

Module 3 - Design Your Website

  • Use Elementor as your website's page builder (or use the provided templates)

  • Design your core website pages

  • Design your extra website pages

  • Create your privacy policy

Module 4 - Utilize Your Website

  • Design your reader funnel on your website

  • Use SEO properly to get your website noticed

  • Plan a blogging strategy

  • Keep your website running smoothly with maintenance and backups

  • Launch that beautiful author website to the world!

Plus, incredible bonuses like... 

  • Page Templates for Elementor - Home, About, Book Collection, Book Sales Page template

  • Author Website Copy Guide - to help you craft intentional and strategic web page copy

  • Tech Resource Library - filled with tutorials, tips, and how-tos on fresh ways to enhance your author website

  • Workbooks, checklists, and more!

Here's how it works...

Every week for four weeks, you’ll get access to a different module, taught by Brit, covering the groundwork for a WordPress website and setting up your pages and menus, customizing the theme with your brand colors, enhancing your website with plugins and more.


  • 4 modules of step-by-step tutorials that teach you all about Wordpress and Elementor to build your website - (value: $500)
  • Responsive Elementor page templates - ( value: $150)
  • A workbook + checklists to help you keep the process on track, simple, and streamlined - (value: $50)
  • Author Website Copy Guide to help you craft wow-worthy page content - (value: $100)
  • SEO and Reader Funnels training to take your platform strategy to the next level - ( value: $100)
  • Library of tech resources that I will continuously add to that teaches you how to impress your website visitors - (value: $50+)


The bonuses and course are valued at - $950+

But when you enroll today, you'll get access to everything for just: 

3 Monthly Payments of



  • Access to Wow Worthy Website
  • 4 Core Modules with video lessons, downloads, swipe files, and workbooks
  • Responsive Elementor page templates
  • Author Website Copy Guide
  • SEO and Reader Funnels training
  • Tech Resource Library
​1 "Pay in Full" Payment of



  • Access to Wow Worthy Website
  • 4 Core Modules with video lessons, downloads, swipe files, and workbooks
  • Responsive Elementor page templates
  • Author Website Copy Guide
  • SEO and Reader Funnels training
  • Tech Resource Library

100% Money-Back Guarantee


Money-Back Guarantee

There’s literally no risk involved, because you’re backed by our 14-day money-back guarantee!

If you start the course and decide it isn't what you need, I wouldn't feel right keeping your money. To be clear, there are no strings attached, no forms to fill out, nothing to prove, and we promise we won't question you.

Simply request a refund within 14 days of purchase.

Brit Poe

Founder of Thriving Scribes | Why I Created This Course

Let me guess... are you thinking that you have to be a full-on tech nerd or web developer to DIY your own website?

I used to think that. It held me back for a long time. But one day, I decided to get my hands dirty and try to figure it out for myself.

And did I? I sure did. Was my first website absolute crap? It sure was.

But as time went by, I learned more about the tech (and the tools that make it easier). I learned more about design (and what I really needed vs could do without). I learned more about marketing (and what really creates a strong visitor experience).

And now, I've compiled all that I've learned about building websites for the past 8+ years and packaged it into this program to help my fellow authors.


What if I have no design experience? I'm worried I can't design something nice.

I hear you. I’m not a "designer by nature" either. And I get stuck in analysis paralysis at times too.

But I also know that in WWW, I give you alllll the guidance you need to make your vision come alive.

We talk branding, colors, fonts, PLUS I go the extra step to give you actual drag-and-drop page templates that you can swipe and customize for your own website.

I'm not a tech person at all, Brit! Am I really going to be able to create a website?

Absolutely! I designed this course to be simple so anyone could follow the step-by-step process and get success from it. As an added bonus? Inside the course videos I'm actually building a website right along with you. Each tutorial video will make you feel like you are literally looking over my shoulder as I show you where to click, what to type, and how it should look when you are finished.

Paired with the checklists, workbooks, and screenshot tutorials - I'll guide you through it all.

I don’t have any books published yet, so I don’t have anything to sell. It would be a waste of time to build a website, right?

One of the biggest mistakes I see new authors make is that they put the cart before the horse. They go and write an entire book (or multiple books) then go out into the world, and … crickets. No one buys.


Because they didn’t have an audience to sell them to.

Platform building is step number 1 in getting eyes on your work. When you have a list of engaged target audience members, it becomes easy to launch profitably.

The more you can build your community and attract an audience FIRST, the more successful your author business is going to be from the get-go.

Okay, but why Wordpress?

I've heard it, so I'm sure you have as well. Wix, Squarespace, Weebly are "easier" platforms to build on. While in a sense, that might be true. WordPress was and still is, by far, the most professional and versatile of any website platform out there.

Using the WordPress framework, we can offer you flexible customizations with simple usability. The learning curve isn’t steep and you can manage your own updates with ZERO coding knowledge.

Plus, take a look at the other guys (Wix, Squarespace, Weebly) They are all proprietary systems. You have to PAY to get full functionality, and in some cases, you don't own full rights you content.

Furthermore, Wordpress is a blank canvas. With bucket loads of themes to choose from and over 50,000 plug-in choices in the repository alone - you can literally build whatever you want on your website (granted that you know how). The other guys have limited theme abilities and features.

Who is this course for?

Simply put - Wow Worthy Website is for fiction authorpreneurs who want to DIY a strategic and intentional author website with Wordpress.

  • Maybe you are an author working on her first publication and focusing on building your author platform - WWW can work for you.
  • Maybe you are a published author who never got around to building a website because #overwhelm - WWW can work for you.
  • Maybe you've tried your hand at DIY'ing before but couldn't figure it out - WWW can work for you.
  • Maybe you are set up with one of the "other guys" and want to start fresh on Wordpress - WWW can work for you.
  • Maybe you have a Wordpress website set up but struggle with what to put on it or how to make it work for you in your platform and marketing strategy - WWW can work for you.

What exactly do I get when I enroll today?

This is a dripped program. Meaning, the modules are released one at a time, a week apart. Here is the current schedule:

Module 1 - Plan Your Website : Releases Immediately upon sign up

Module 2 - Build Your Website : Releases 7 days after sign up

Module 3 - Design Your Website : Releases 14 days after sign up

Module 4 - Utilize Your Website : Releases ​21 days after sign up

You also get access to $450+ worth of BONUSES throughout the course:
Responsive Elementor page templates (value: $150)
A workbook + checklists to help you keep the process on track, simple, and  streamlined (value: $50)
Author Website Copy Guide (value: $100)
SEO and Reader Funnels training (value: $100)
Tech Resource Library (value: $50+)

What will I be sent? How do I access the course?

Wow Worthy Website is hosted on our online learning platform, Membervault.  Once you enroll, you will immediately be sent an email with login instructions. The entire course content - videos, downloads, templates, and bonuses - will be available inside Membervault on their release day (one module per week).

I really want to join but I'm worried that I'll get stuck and need help. Do you offer support?

I designed this course so that it's tailored for beginners and structured to be followed at-your-own pace.

If you need more 1:1 assistance, once you join you'll have the chance to upgrade to a Voxer Support package that will give you 30 days of direct communication with me so that I can answer any questions you have during this process.

Furthermore, once you've completed the course, you'll have the option to book an Author Website Review Audit with me, at a special student-only price point, to get my eyes on your website and help you improve functionality, design, and content strategy.

Do you guarantee more book sales?

No, I don’t guarantee you any sales through your website. But I will help you to build and design a functional, strategic, and branded author website that will make attracting new ideal readers and nurturing your current readership easier.

What extra costs are involved in building a website?

Good question! When it comes to building a professional website, there will always be some kind of cost. For example, you'll need a domain name and hosting package. And then there are also the (completely optional) paid plugins and themes.

That said, I understand a tight budget and in the course I show you how to get all of these for under $40 a year. Yes, really.

How long will it take me to build a website?

This is a 4-week course. One module is delivered each week.

I can confidently say that if you follow along each week and complete the homework, you'll have your author website launched in a little over a month from now.

Can’t I just figure this out on my own?

Sure. You probably could use the University of Google to piece things together. After all, that's what I did at first. You could go out and watch a hundred tutorials that may or may not be tailored to the needs of indie authors and try to come out with an intentional and strategic website.

But imagine how much faster it would be if you had a mentor guide you through it? If you were handed over the complete set of step-by-step instructions, templates, and tools to implement the system quicker and easier? Not to mention I GIVE you plug-and-play page templates make it that much more simple.

I’m obsessed with giving you the resources and tools you need to zoom way ahead.

And that’s part of what you’re buying when you enroll in one of my programs. I will always be committed to getting you there faster and easier.

How long do I have access to the program?

You'll have access for the lifetime of the program, for as long as I continue to run Wow Worthy Author Website! If there are every any upgrades or additions, you'll get access to thosse as well. You can login to your student portal anytime to access the material. Nothing ever expires or disappears.

Also, as time goes by, the tech library will continue to grow. Bringing you fresh ideas and inspiration on things you can do on your author website.

What if I’m not happy with the purchase?

If you are unsatisfied with Wow Worthy Website, just get in touch within 14 days of purchase and we will offer a 100% money-back guarantee.

Enroll In Wow Worthy Website Today!