I get it…

You’re a busy writer!

You have books to write, a platform to create, and an empire to build.

what you really need is Daily Accountability + Business Strategy

imagine this

Monday: You can’t figure out how to set up an automated email sequence. Frustrated, you reach out and get immediate tips and how to’s.

Tuesday: You need help coming up with a new freebie. You reach out and you get instant idea’s that will funnel into your books or offerings.

Wednesday: You are updating your author website and really need a second pair of eyes. You pop over the link and get immediate feedback.

Thursday: You are writing your first draft and can't seem to commit to writing as much as you planned. You ask me to check in with you in the evenings to help keep you accountable.

Friday: You're planning next week's goals and you need a strategic focus, you reach out and you receive an entire reverse-engineered response on how to meet those goals.

what's included

Communication Via Voxer

All communications take place in a free app on your phone called “Voxer”. Voxer is a walkie-talkie app that allows us to send real-time voice messages back and forth to each other.

Unlimited Coaching

Perfect for all those “How do I..?” and “Am I doing this right?” type questions! Reach out as often as you like to get coaching and support for your authorship journey on your time, at your convenience.

No Appointment Required

You never know when you’ll need advice in your business. Not to worry! Reach out at your leisure, as often as you would like Monday- Friday.


approval by application only

Now accepting applications for Feb, 2019. Voxer clients are limited to NO MORE THAN 10 members per month. New groups begin on the 1st of each month & groups are deleted at the end of each month.