Build Your Author Empire And Learn Systems That Simplify Authorship

Mailerlite For Authors Masterclass

Your How-To-Guide to using Mailerlite in your Author Business. You'll leave this training with a welcome sequence and a full understanding of using Mailerlite for authorship.

Ultimate Author Goal Setting Planner

What if you could create goals for the entire year to help keep you IN LINE? If you could track all of the important stats and metrics to determine what draws your audience to you. If you could map your Motivation Moves. Then you’ll love the ULTIMATE Author Goal Setting Planner. If you’re ready to create a plan for your authorship goals, hold yourself accountable, track your progress and make major strides, let the ULTIMATE Author Goal Setting Planner guide you!

Trello 4 Authors

Long gone are the days of shuffling between three planners, two journals, and a million document files just to start a writing session, navigating days blindly, and setting literary world domination goals only to have them fall through for lack of a system. Trello will help you organize both your working and non-working life, and simplify the day-to-day management system so that you can spend less time in maintenance-mode and more time in creation-mode (or leisure mode - totally your choice).

Trello 4 Authors will help you plan, organize, and manage your life as an author.

​The Write Mindset Mini Course

This mini-course, designed to help you cut through all the noise and work on your own success mindset. It is made up of two parts - The Lessons & A 14-Day Journaling Challenge.

This mini-course will challenge you to rethink what you’ve always told yourself about your ability to be successful and happy and instead define it in your own terms. After all, success means nothing unless you figure out what it means to you. The exercises, questions, and prompts in this mini-course will help you get clear on your vision for yourself and teach you how to re-frame your thoughts to support that journey.