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Here we believe in following our passions, nurturing our mindset, taking aligned strategic action, and connecting with our tribe in order to build the author life + biz of our dreams. Sound good to you? Here's how I can help!

thriving scribes planner

The Thriving Scribes Planner is an undated planner that will guide you toward reflecting, planning, and scheming to grow your business and love your life in the year ahead. But, it’s more than a planner, it’s also a productivity workbook and year-long playbook to success.

Choose from the printed version or the PDF version.

trello 4 authors

Trello for authors will help you organize both your working and non-working life, and simplify the day-to-day management system so that you can spend less time in maintenance-mode and more time in creation-mode (or leisure mode – totally your choice).

You could save 5 hours per week of wasted time looking for files and documents with an all-in-one author headquarters.

author platform incubator

The Author Platform Incubator is a done-for-you content system specifically designed to help fiction authors create intentional content across the board. Never worry about what the heck to post on social media or send to your email list again!

Each month, you’ll get a content guide with prompts, templates, and swipe files.

thriving scribes

My signature program to help you create, build, and thrive in your author business using my 3 pillars – mindset, strategy, tribe.

Coming soon – join the waitlist to get the #BookBoss Bundle for FREE!

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