Mailerlite for authors masterclass


I see you sitting there wanting to start utilizing email marketing because you’ve heard all the hype about it and think it’ll be an amazing step next for your business (you're totes right) BUT you’ve heard it’s confusing and you’re just not sure you’re ready to dive into a new system.

You CAN be a master at Mailerlite! You’ll know how to set-up sales funnels that actually work, create your own templates and using all of the powerful tools they offer.

**Please scroll down to see the prerequisits of this masterclass.**

This masterclass takes you through the steps you need to take to get your account up and running, from first getting it activated through to importing any exsisting subscribers in and setting up your first sequence.

All lessons are broken down into small chunks and once you've worked your way through the course you will be well on your way to start using Mailerlite to grow and monetise your list.

In addition, students are also welcome inside my private facebook group, to ask questions on the course material and share their progress and successes. If you haven't created your Mailerlite account yet, you're in for a treat! Every student gets a $20 credit to a paid plan of Mailerlite (if you won't be using the free plan). **Make sure to scroll down to see the prerequisits of this masterclass.**

I will be keeping this course up-to-date and add additional resources to it if the need arises, or replace videos if they need updating and as you are entitled to lifetime access you can always check back for the latest updates in here.

But really, Brit, what the heck is included in this masterclass?
I’ll tell ya!

This class is jam-packed with tutorials and walk throughs! You’ll get 2 hours of video walk-throughs of:

  • A general walk-though
  • Importing current subscribers
  • Creating lists (groups in MailerLite)
  • Creating landing pages
  • Creating s​​​​ign up forms
  • Setting up​​​​ email sequences
  • Segmenting your list
  • And more...

Mailerlite is Forever Free up to 1,000 subscribers! Beyond that, it's much more cost effective (and feature rich) that it's competitors! To learn more about Mailerlite and why it's my favorite newsletter host, read this blog post.

**Mailerlite is requires you own your web domain. They will not accept free domains like free WordPress blogs because then your emails will have a higher chance of ending up in spam folders and we don’t want that! You'll also need an email assigned to that domain like this -




All sales are final. No refunds will be issued.