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We are looking for a  long term, part-time Client Care Concierge & Administrative Assistant with a passion for helping others. You have strong problem-solving skills and the ability to think analytically. You love technology, systems and organization as much as you love adding a personal touch to everything you do. You have excellent communication and relationship building skills.

As the Client Care Concierge & Administrative Assistant, you are a major player in the company and will demonstrate patience, strong communication, empathy and adaptability. You are dependable and autonomous.

If you’re passionate about uplifting indie authors, love to serve, positive, provide rave-worthy customer service, and are highly organized, then this position is for you!

This is a part-time remote position starting at 10 hours per month with the goal of expanding into more hours in the future.

The amount of hours would depend on what you are doing and how heavy my workload is. In the beginning, Iwe will likely spend a lot of time together getting me better organized and discovering ways we can improve my workflow.

You can apply from any time zone, though I live in the Eastern Time Zone. I pride myself on being flexible and accomodating. I know that I am dedicated to my business and helping authors and I hope you are as well. But if you’ve got kids, are an author yourself, or you have some weekly thing you do where you’re not available on Wednesdays… that’s totally fine. As long as I know, we’re good.

Position: Client Care Concierge & Administrative Assistant

Reports to: Brit Poe, the CEO

Employment Type: Contract

Compensation: $15/hr

Location: Remote / Virtual

As Client Care Concierge & Administrative Assistant, you will be executing tasks related to customer service, technical support, program delivery support, marketing, and general administration that help the business run smoothly and efficiently. Your role helps to ensure the business stays organized and has the systems, processes and operations required to grow the business in a sustainable manner.


I don’t expect someone to be specialized in everything – If you feel like you can help in most of these areas, please do still apply. This is a list of tasks I am currently looking to outsource. This list may grow as we work together.

Please click on each section and read it carefully…


  • Manage the company inbox and ensure that emails are responded to and resolved in a timely manner (within 2 business days).
  • Identifying client needs and help clients troubleshoot tech issues and/or point them in the direction of a helpful resource. Follow up with customers to ensure their technical issues are resolved.
  • Provide excellent customer service to all clients, students, and members of our community through various mediums (emails, Facebook posts, live chat, etc.).
  • Research their specific problems. Ex - maybe they aren’t receiving emails because they unsubscribed, or perhaps they made a purchase but the automation didn’t fire the task, etc.
  • If there is a question about course materials, direct them to my Facebook groups where they can ask questions.
  • Manage student accounts in Membervault. Ex - Sometimes a student mistyped an email address and requires manual assistance. On occasion, someone wants to change their email address.
  • Manage company billing including following up on late payments, processing refunds, managing program enrollments/cancellations, and paying out affiliates.
  • Keep the SOP library up-to-date. Follow our Standard Operating Procedure documents (SOPs) and assist CEO in keeping them up-to-date as our systems and strategies change.

Program Assistance

  • Gather customer feedback and share with our Program, Sales and Marketing teams
  • Participate in and support the sales promotion process.
  • Gather, organize, and process testimonials.
  • Provide additional support where needed across our online programs.
  • Manage the company Facebook groups to include admitting new members and moderating group activities.
  • Be a supportive presence in the company Facebook groups and insure no question goes unanswered or no win goes uncelebrated.
  • Stay up-to-date with changes in our processes, sales funnels, marketing copy, and other company news to anticipate problems and keep support on brand.
  • Maintain all program content through the uploading and management of videos, PDFs, audio recordings, and other resources made available to customer and clients.


  • Oversee and execute the complete content creation workflow to ensure our content is published on time:
    • Brainstorm and plan future video topics
    • Create promotional graphics using provided templates in Canva
    • Write video and blog post promotional copy for emails, social media, etc.
    • Repurpose video content into blog posts, social media, and emails
    • The secret code is 77
  • Assist in the creation and execution of the content strategy for our email list and Instagram
    • Write copy that attracts our ideal client for social media and emails
    • Create graphics that are on-brand, inspiring, and share-worthy
    • Scheduling posts and selecting photos to go with them
    • Managing the brand's Tailwind account
    • Support the CEO in all marketing-related tasks

The Tech We Use

Ideally, you should be familiar with the tech I use. Most things are a requirement in how I manage my business (as in, this is what I personally use and have no plans to change them). You don't need to be an expert in all of these - but familiarity is a plus.
  • Asana - My project management tool.
  • ThriveCart – It’s my cart system and how I manage my affiliate program
  • Membervaut – My course / training host
  • Activecampaign – Email Marketing and Automations
  • Notion – Used for a variety of organizational things
  • WordPress – My Website
  • Thrive Themes – All of my website and it’s many pages were built with these tools
  • Canva – My graphic design tool of choice used for creating graphics, PDFs, etc
  • Smarterqueue - My social media scheduler
  • Tailwind - Pinterest scheduling and management
  • Voxer - A voice + text messaging app. How I communicate with clients and team members

It's important to note that your tasks will likely vary week to week. I don’t expect you to spin all of these plates anymore than I expect me to do so. I’m at a point in my business where I know what I need done, and what I just don’t have time for and need someone else to do for me so I can focus elsewhere.


  • You are familiar with the ins and outs of the online business space – perhaps you have one yourself or have experience working as a VA for others and preferably the indie author space / publishing industry - perhaps you are an author yourself.
  • You are extremely organized, delight in details, and you don't let little things slip through the cracks.
  • You have strong grammar and written communication skills and feel confident writing in the brand's voice.
  • You have experience communicating with customers via email and love supporting people toward their desired results
  • You have a natural knack for social media and love keeping up to date on new trends.
  • You love being creative and coming up with new ideas for graphics and promotions to attract qualifies leads into our products and programs
  • You're a self-starter and love taking control of projects and seeing them through from start to finish.
  • You have the ability to follow detailed technical guides and make suggestions for efficiency and improvement.
  • Tech savvy. You are open and willing to learn new pieces of software and tools in order to complete your job with the best outcome.
  • You will follow company security protocol and retain a high-level of discretion and confidentiality when it comes to company and client information.
  • You take direction well and enjoy being part of a team.
  • You are available to attend weekly, and monthly Team check-ins.
  • You can start out working 10 hours per month (this position has lots of room to grow).
  • You have an adequet home work environment, including:
    • A computer
    • Cell phone
    • High-speed internettgy
  • You do not work for or own a competitive business. You aren't the right fit if you also teach author strategy or are an employee of a similar brand.

How To Apply

Please fill this out even if you aren’t sure you are 100% the best fit – I’m not expecting you to be so well-rounded that all of what’s here is exactly you. I want to hire people who are extremely aligned with my brand, really good at their thing – whatever that is in the context of my business needs.

I will take applications until the job is filled, but it’s my hope that I will have found my person by February 29, 2021.

Be sure to add the secret code your application. If you don't have the secret code, read this page through again. 😉