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Who We Are

Thriving Scribes (Brit Poe Media, LLC) is the go to resource for indie authors who want to turn their creative skills and fictional creations into a thriving author career. We help them do that by providing templates, planners, trainings, and tutorials for getting their author business and brand into the world and in front of the right people.

We are on a mission to help 1,000 authors reach their version of success in their author journey, so they can do the things they love while running a publishing business that lights them up.

We are looking to build a small, but mighty team and strive to be a living example of what we teach our clients. We take fast, imperfect action on our ideas and don't overcomplicate business decisions. We are constantly testing new strategies and solutioins to see what is currently working. We aren't afraid to try new things and think outside of the box.

Brit Poe | Thriving Scribes

More About Brit

  • I started out in online business in 2011 – while it has certainly morphed and pivoted in that time, all roads point to where I am currently
  • I consider myself to be an Indie Author Strategist with a focus on personal branding and building a unique author business that feels good
  • I’ve been a blogger and entrepreneur for 10+ years and have 99.9% built and run this business alone (that’s not a flex, but an observation). Basically, I'm the epitome of a self-made solorpreneur
  • Thriving Scribes is working really well – 2020 was my best year yet, but it's come to a point that I understand I cannot spin this many plates myself while also maintain my own personal author projects
  • I have 2 Facebook Groups + several Pop-Up groups that get unarchived during live rounds of my trainings or live events

Open Positions

Executive Assistant

We are looking for a part-time Executive Assistant to join our growing team to help spread the word about our brand message, attract qualified leads to our digital products and programs through organic marketing strategies, provide support to our clients and customers, and perform technical tasks for the business and CEO when needed.