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Ever wondered why mindset matters as an author? One thing I’ve learned in my 7 years in online business and my lifelong writing journey is that mindset and your energy around your business is super important to your success and your satisfaction. I talk and teach a lot about strategy here at Thriving Scribes but something I also know is that literally everything has so much to do with your mindset.

It’s so important to conquer the mindset part first because what I see a lot of people doing is they jumping right into the biz / publishing game, thinking to themselves – “Oh, I’ll work on myself later. I’ll read some books later. Start to do personal development later.” And so on…

So they start their journey, experience a bit of growth, and then they get stunted. They find themselves struggling with limiting beliefs, their fears start kicking in, and they end up stuck.

This is why it’s really important to set up the internal foundation correctly from the beginning so that you can grow in an aligned way rather than getting so far into growth and then having to feel like you have to go back to square one and figure out who you really are, what you really want, and what kind of author business you are wanting to build.

The Deal With The Online Space

This is especially true in the online space because there’s so much freedom with what you can do. You have the space to write your own rules and create whatever you want.

But to do that successfully, you have to have the right mindset.

Why Mindset Matters

So let’s get into why mindset matters when it comes to your author journey. What I’m going to talk about today is a mix of science-based facts (for anyone who’s like super sciency) and then I draw it back into a spiritually grounded place (because that’s my background.) I promise, they come together and they make perfect sense so this will speak to you no matter what belief system you have, no matter what you’re accepting to be true. Hopefully, this will give you a fresh perspective on how the circle of life really works and how powerful we really are and what can truly happen when we just allow ourselves to have that open and abundant way of thinking.

Let’s Talk Science

What is everything made out of?

We are taught from a very young age that everything is made of atoms. We are made of atoms. The computer is made of atoms. Everything is just made of atoms.

And then eventually, some scientists and researchers were like, “Okay, everything is made of atoms. But what are atoms made out of?”

So then they dove into what’s going on at a subatomic level (which simply means inside the atom) and this is what they found: It’s 99.999999% empty space. Empty energy potential.

Why Mindset Matters as an Author | Thriving Scribes

Literally just energy potentials that are buzzing around waiting to take form of something else. So they found that everything is made up of atoms. But if you strip down into what it really is- yes, everything is made of energy.

Everything Is Made Up Of Energy

I am energy. You are energy. Our thoughts have energy. Your intentions have energy. Everything. There’s energy behind that.

You can measure energy waves. Just like you can measure brainwaves or radio waves – the same thing goes for energetic vibration. Energy has a vibration. There is a category of high vibrational energy and then low vibrational energetic frequencies.

If you’re in a really high vibrational state of being, you are:

  • feeling grateful
  • feeling joy
  • experiencing passionate relationships
  • feeling successful

All of these concepts have a very high vibration.

Then there is a low energetic frequency where you are experiencing:

  • self-doubt and low confidence
  • guilt
  • fear, anxiety, and worry
  • living paycheck to paycheck
  • imposter syndrome

What’s The Deal With The Law Of Attraction

The Law of Gravity. This is fundamental law of the universe. We’ve all studied at one point or another. You don’t doubt gravity.

The Law of Vibration. It is the law that actually states that everything carries an energetic vibration.  It is just as solid as the law of gravity and supports what those scientists found at a subatomic level. That inside the atom – which everything is made of – is actually energy potential.

The Law of Attraction. This law takes it one step deeper. It states that similar energies will attract other similar energies. And like the Law of Gravity and the Law of Vibration – the Law of Attraction is immutable as well. Meaning no matter if you support it, no matter if you believe in it, it’s going to happen no matter what.

What This Means For Us As Authors

What this means for us in our lives, with our income, with our businesses, with our dreams – is when we are waking up every day full of anxiety or worried about if we are going to succeed, if you’re going to be able to pay your bills, if people are going to like your new book – you know, your mind’s going a million hours an hour (sound familiar at all?). This means you’re at a really, really low energetic state of being. But guess what? Those dreams I just mentioned? Those goals you have for yourself …  those are in a really high energy. But because you are in a lower energetic state what you’re going to attract is more scarcity. More stress. More missed opportunities and misaligned timing. More failure.

It’s like when you are feeling really broke and worried about finances and then all of a sudden you are hit with an unexpected bill or expense, and you find yourself thinking – of course! It just can’t get any worse, can it?

Point being: You have to raise your energy if you want to attract your desires.

Want to build a thriving, successful author business? You have to become an energetic match to the business that you want. You have to become an energetic match to the kind of success that you want to attract into your world. You have to become an energetic match to the kind of money that you want to make and the kind of lifestyle that you want to have. You want to make sure that you are bringing your energetic state to match those desires –  in the vibration of gratitude, joy, excitement, thankfulness, and abundance. Then use that energy, embody it, AS you carry out your strategy. AS you do the things that will wield your desired result. That’s what taking inspired action is. That’s what being in alignment looks like. And that, my friend, is why mindset is super important as an author.

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Why Mindset Matters as an Author
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