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You are a creative writer. You spend your days shoulder deep into your manuscript, dreaming up things your main character would say, reading that same sentence 50 times again just to make sure it's the one, sharing your one-liners on social media, and inhaling coffee like no other. And, you’d happily do this full-time for half the pay some other job would give you.

Yes, you are a creative powerhouse. I mean, that's why writing is your passion, right?

But then you hit a rough patch... you can't work out that plot hole or you don't have as many followers as you wish you had or you simply can't figure out where to take your character. As much as you love writing, somehow... your passion alone doesn't seem like enough. Writing can be hard. Really. Hard. And, once you hit a snag the questions start coming... you know that ones...

Why am I doing this at all?

Am I actually making an impact?

Am I building a legacy I can be proud of?

I'm here to tell you that as a writer, there are times when you don't always feel like writing. Once upon a time, I would buy into these negative thoughts and then they would turn into doubt and then into fear and then I would just stop writing altogether. And, a writer who doesn't write... that's kind of counterintuitive, right?

Knowing the answer to those questions and crafting my why was one of the MOST important transformations I made when it came to keeping on when the going got tough.

Crafting Your Legacy As An Author – What’s Your Why? | Thriving Scribes

Knowing what you are doing, why you are doing it, and what you want your legacy to be is vital when it comes to momentum. Your why is your clarity and through that, you can set your intentions with purpose. So, instead of buckling when those thoughts creep in all you have to do is refer back to your why and you can say goodbye to aimless wandering and hello to productivity towards your legacy. This is what will keep you writing, editing, and sharing your amazing book babies.

Getting Started With Your Why

First, I challenge you to look back to your roots. Can you remember when you first discovered writing? Maybe you were a little pigtailed seven-year-old girl who wanted to create a book series about the adventures and shenanigans of you and your four best friends. Okay, no... that was me. But, your story is in there somewhere. What is it? How did writing make you feel? That feeling right there, that's your fuel.

Now, bring yourself back to the present. What is it that you want from your writing? Is there a certain feeling you seek as fulfillment? Does the thought of impacting the lives of others ignite a fire within you? Do you have a calling to entertain others and immerse them in fictional worlds of your creation? What does your writing do for you?

What about your readers - your dreamies? When they read your work or hear your name, what is it you want them to think of? Why do these words speak to you?

Visualize It

Let's do an exercise. Close your eyes and visualize your writing career with the words you brainstormed above. How is your life different? Are you living your truth? Yes? Awesome! Now tell me why you want this.

In this dream life, what are you doing differently then you are doing now? What's changed about you and your writing practice? What's your energy like? Are you happy and fulfilled? You aren't just surviving - you are thriving. Why?

Now, open your eyes, grab a pen and jot this down. Put it all together with a final sentence that says -

My why is...

Your Actions Should Always Lead Back To Your Why

That's how a legacy is built. If your writing, your newsletters, your marketing, your outreach, your interaction with your readers - all of it - if everything you do in your author journey is fueled by your why then you are living your truth and that my dear friend, is how legacies are made.

Also, realize that with time your why may evolve and change into something bigger and better or something else entirely. And, that's okay. As long as you keep your actions aligned with your why and your why aligned and your life and your goals - you've got it in the bag, friend.

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  • Thanks so much. I was determined to do each step before reading the next suggestion. I was journalling while I was thinking things through… but I knew there was also a major block stopping me going forward. I clarified my ‘why’ and in an instant discovered the reason I was telling myself I couldn’t do it all yet. ‘I need to get other huge things done first.’ I’m guessing that when I start doing what I imagined on a daily basis, I’ll have the motivation to do those ‘huge other things.’

    • You are very welcome, Leanne! I’m so happy the exercise helped you uncover something you needed. Start making the changes you want, even tiny ones at a time, and you’ll see progress!

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