Self Care for Authors: Does Self Care Increase Productivity?

Show Notes

Hey guys, Brit Poe here. Welcome back to my channel. Today I'm going to be doing video one in a four-part series all about self-care for authors and how that plays into productivity. 

Alright, so today is going to be a sort of short introductory video to this new series that I'm going to be doing that, like I said a moment ago, is all about self-care and emotional well-being and how that directly plays into productivity and success as an author. So as you know, I am a huge mindset junkie. I love talking about all of those sort of things. I like digging deep and sort of - just setting yourself up for success and setting up the perfect environment mentally, physically, and emotionally for you to thrive in authorship. So today what I wanted to talk about is how emotions drive actions.

What I mean by that is if you look back on any given day and how you're operating and how you're functioning, you'll probably notice that you're performing your best, doing your best work, you are showing up, and are content with what you're doing when your emotional health and when your self-care needs are being met. I know that a lot of times authors have a ton of things going on and a lot of other things calling for their attention other than their emotional well-being in their self-care which is why a lot of times that stuff gets put on the back burner. But I believe that both of those things really need to become a priority for most people.

For example, there I know there are authors out there who have full-time jobs so they work their day job and then they come home and they do their author related tasks - they do their writing and their marketing all on their free time in the evenings and on the weekends. It doesn't leave them much time to do other things. I also know, like for myself, who maybe are mothers who stay home with their children all day. I homeschool my kids so my children are literally home with me every second day and I spend my days caring for them. I pour all of my energy into making sure they are fed and clothed and entertained and that all of their needs are being met. So I completely understand how sometimes when you spend all day caring for somebody else that it kind of just feels irrelevant or unnecessary to spend time taking care of yourself. so that's really what I wanted to address today.

If you're one of those people who haven't really been focusing on giving your emotional health the attention that it needs or developing a really healthy self-care system for yourself so that you can function at the very best of your ability - so that you can be as productive as you really can when you do sit down to write, when you do sit down to start working towards whatever goals that you set for yourself and your author journey and in life in general (because a lot of what I'll talk about also will apply to not just authorship but to life in general and whatever it is that you are pouring your heart into and whatever it is that whatever goals that you have for yourself). Just being able to show up at any time of the day at your best and just give it your all. So if you are somebody who really sees the benefit and this kind of stuff and maybe you have been lacking in this area then you're in luck because this is just video one in a four-part series where I'll be talking all about self-care for authors including really healthy routines and rituals that will enable you to thrive in your authorship journey as well as some other practices like journaling that will really just support you and help you fill your own cup so that when you do come to work, when you do sit down to write, when you do decide to get something done that you can really show up to the best of your ability and just really get the ball rolling and feel good while doing it.

Because, like I said, this video is all about how emotions really drive your actions if you just feel blah or you feel like you really don't want to be doing this but know you should be doing it or you're just so tired you'd really rather just be in bed right now then, I mean, you're not probably doing the best work that you can, you're probably not doing work to a standard that you would really want to. So that's what the series is going to be all about.

I encourage you to come back to my channel next Monday; we'll be talking all about self-care practices for authors and different things that you can do and different things that I do for myself that really worked and that really helped me fill my own cup as an author. For now, though, I would love to know down in the comments if this is something that you've struggled with yourself. Are you giving your emotional health all the attention that it needs as an author or do you understand the correlation between self-care and productivity? Have you really seen how they kind of work together to let you thrive in your authorship journey so I would love to know your thoughts on this because I love talking about this kind of stuff. So, if you would let me know in the comments down below, I would love to hear from you

I hope you have a lovely day and just know that I'm always rooting for you. Bye!

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