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Hello everyone and welcome back to my channel. I'm Brit Poe from Thriving Scribes and today I'm going to talk about something a little bit icky. I'm going to talk about fear as an author and how to handle that.

You decided that you are going to pursue authorship with everything you've got, so you start writing your book and decided to share it with the world and that's awesome and an amazing thing. Everything is going good at first, but then you start to hit a little block and you ignore it and you keep pushing it off. Over time though, it just builds up worse and worse until you completely want to stop doing what you wanted to do in the first place. This thing is called fear and fear can ravage a person's drive and motivation. And so today I want to talk a little bit about fear as an author, what are some of the common fears that are associated with authorship, and how you can manage those and move on towards your big dreamy authorship goals.

Now, before we get into the meat of this video, I do want to let you know that if you joined the Thriving Scribe Tribe, or if you're already a member, then you can go right into the member's area and grab my free 5-Day Fear Detox challenge, which has a ton of prompts over the span of five days that are really going to help you break down whatever fears and mental blocks that you are facing right now, wherever you're at in your author journey. I address a multitude of different ones that I will also mention in this video. So in this video, I am going to share some tips with you, but if you want to get something that's a little bit more interactive and that will actually help you work through your different fears, then go grab that in the resource library.

2020 Update: The 5-Day Fear Detox has been discontinued. However, there are still lots of goodies to discover in the free Thriving Scribes Resource Library.

Types of Authorship Fears

So let's move right on to the different kinds of fears that author seemed to face or the different common ones that I see others having. The biggest one that I see a lot is the fear of failure. The fear of failure comes from a rooted belief that you're not good enough and that nothing that you're going to do is ever going to find you success in your goals.

The second fear that I see a lot is the fear of judgment, and while I do see this fear across the board, I think I see it a bit more when it comes to more speculative fiction or genres that are quite niched. This is the fear that people are going to look at your work and at your writing, and that you're going to be judged for what it is that you're writing. This can also be the fear of people judging you on your writing skill that you're afraid that are not going to think that you are a good enough writer to be an author.

The third fear that I see a lot is the fear of imperfection, and this is one that I have struggled with a lot myself. Because the strive for perfection really is the enemy of progress. Because if you are so scared of making a mistake or you are so scared of your book or anything else that you're doing not being perfect, you're not going to be able to move forward. You're going to keep critiquing yourself. You're going to keep going back over the same thing over and over and over again, and you're going to inhibit your own success that way.

Speaking of success, the fourth fear that I see a lot is the fear of success. And yes guys, this is an actual thing and if you're feeling this, then you are a perfectly normal. It is natural to be scared of what's going to happen once you finally reach that end point that you have been working towards for months or years. The fear of not knowing what comes next and if reaching that point that you've been looking forward to is going to feel as good as you've always wanted to, is a completely legitimate fear.

Tips For Working Through Your Fears

So you've realized that you have been carrying some of these fears along with you on your journey and you're ready to shed them for good. Well, I've got a few tips here that I'm going to get into. I'm not going to dive too deep into this because then this video would take forever, but I do want to share a few different tips with you to help you sort of start getting over or start coming to terms with this fear that you have been holding.

The first step is to, of course, acknowledge that you have this fear. This is not the time for denial. If you keep telling yourself that you're not scared of anything, you're never going to be able to work through it, so figure out what it is you are scared of.

And then you need to figure out why. If the thing that you're scared of comes true in your future, what is that going to look like? So for instance, if your fear is the fear of judgment, what is the worst case-scenario? How is that going to really affect your writing journey or affect you in what way? What is going to happen because your fear came to light. And then you need to think, how bad is that, really? What are the implications of this? Usually, the worst-case scenario is really not as bad as we let ourselves onto believe and so starting with knowing exactly what the worst-case scenario is, you can kind of start working backward through it to let yourself know, - okay, a) if this does happen, it's really not that bad and b) here's what I can do so that it does not happen.

And the last tip that I want to leave this video off on is the fact that you cannot completely eradicate fear. No matter where you're at in your journey, you're never going to be completely fearless and you shouldn't because the fact is that fear can actually be a good thing. Once you learn to manage it, fear can actually be quite a powerful tool that you can use. So as you're working through your fears and your authorship goals, keep in mind that the end goal is not to completely eradicate your fear and to get rid of all fear. Instead, it's learning how to manage fear in a healthy way and not let it rule how you approach your goals.

That's all for this video. I would love if you would leave me a comment down below and let me know what is one fear you've really been struggling with when it comes to authorship and what you've been doing, if anything, to try to get over that fear. I'm always rooting for you. Bye.

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