Creating A Killer Content Strategy For Your Author Platform

Are you ready to create a killer content strategy for your author platform?

One that connects with, nurtures, and converts your ideal reader leading not only to more book sales but a community of raving fans?

Well, that’s exactly what I’m covering in this author platform training today.

Inside I’ll be covering:

  • What is an author platform
  • The very first thing you need to think about when developing a content strategy
  • 3 types of content to share on social media
  • The secret to a successful author platform
  • How to spark connection and conversation on your author platform
  • The easiest way to actually create your content

Sound juicy? It is. 

Tune in for the full training.

Watch the video training below!

Author Platform Content Toolkit

How would it feel to have an audience full of raving fans who looked forward to your next post or email? Wouldn’t it be amazing if you knew exactly what to say on your author plarform every single day? And without having to actually show up on social media every day?

That’s why I’m offering you instant access to my Author Platform Content Toolkit which includes a plug-and-play content creation system for fiction authors and a FULL YEAR of author platform content prompts!

Get it here.

Author Platform Content Toolkit Mock Up

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