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Content Marketing For Fiction Authors

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So you’ve heard about content marketing and you’re wondering what kinds of content you can create for your audience as a fiction author? Content marketing is extremely powerful and has the ability to elevate your author brand to the next level. Today I’m excited to share some ways you can utilize content marketing to do just that.

Hi, I’m Brit from Thriving Scribes and I help indie fiction authors bring together the mindset and strategy to build a thriving author career.

Content marketing is a strategic way of creating content meant to attract or nurture a specific audience. It’s all the rage in the online business community but I feel it’s something too frequently ignored by fiction authors. Maybe you don’t see the benefits, maybe you don’t know what the heck you’d create, or maybe you are simply overwhelmed with the thought of creating said content. I get it. And today I’m about to smash some of those thought patterns.

Book marketing isn’t what it used to be

The thing is, book marketing isn’t what it used to be. Historically, trying to get word out about your book used to look something like this:

  • Doing book signings at bookstores
  • Hiring a publicist to book publicity gigs
  • Doing interviews in magazines
  • Trying to make the big bestseller's list

And while there's nothing wrong with these methods or goals (heck some of them actually sounds fun) - the truth is that we’ve entered a new era - the digital era. And it’s opened up a whole new world of opportunity. We have the potential to reach thousands by the click of a button - hundreds of thousands, even. And I bet a large percentage of those people are your potential readers. But how do you find them?

Guess what? It’s not about you finding them - it’s about them finding YOU. And that’s where content marketing comes in.

Content Marketing For Fiction authors

But knowing your goals as a content marketer is extremely important for making sure that your efforts are focused, targeting, and honestly - that it’s time and energy well spent.

Sure your ultimate goal is more book sales, right? Of course. But there are many ways content marketing can help you achieve that bigger goal.

It’s not about you finding them - it’s about them finding YOU.

Content Marketing For Fiction Authors | Thriving Scribes

Content marketing goals for authors:

Drive traffic to your website/ blog:

Google is a powerhouse for content to be found. Creating content for your blog, utilizing SEO (that’s search engine optimization), or even linking from a Youtube video or Pinterest Pin will up your page views drastically. More visibility means there are more potential readers coming across your content and being presented your books.


Content marketing offers so many different ways to connect and work with other authors. You can utilize Content marketing to bond with others to not only share your awesome books with each other's audience, but you can also gain a new author friend along the way!

Build up your email list:

Email subscribers are the VIP when it comes to book marketing because these are your "sticky" readers. They keep coming back for more. So, by offering incentives like free downloadables, contests, and other valuable content, you can draw readers and potential readers in to sign up for your newsletter.

Reach specific target markets:

Each content platform has a demographic all it's own so utilizing the ones that your potential readers are on will benefit your brand greatly.

Build the KLT factor:

This stands for Know, Like, and Trust. Content Marketing opens the doors for honest and personal communication with your readership. This is especially great for building a personal brand. Each piece of content you release can help build the KLT factor. 

Content marketing examples for authors:

With those goals in mind, let's dig into some different types of content pieces for each of those content marketing goals.

Drive Traffic To Your Website/ Blog:

Value-packed blog posts. Think book-blog types. In order for this to work - You'll want to be creating content that:

  • is something your reader is SEARCHING for
  • is related to YOUR books in some way
  • that you'll then SHARE and promote outside of your blog so that people are clicking back to the post.

For example, Pinterest is a powerhouse for content like this. So if your book is a fantasy based on Greek mythology and this is your goal, you could create a blog post titled "The Best Fantasy Books Based On Greek Mythology". Create a list of 10 books and - here's the most important part - include your book at the end. Publish it and then create 3-5 pins for that post and pin on Pinterest and social media with keywords. Make sure the SEO is on point and you are good to go!


For this goal, think interview swaps, exchange author spotlight posts, social media mentions, or even host group takeovers on each other's accounts.

An example of this would be to organize an event inside of a Facebook group where you are each inviting your audiences, hosting games and giveaways, and engaging.

Podcast appearances are another way to accomplish this goal.

Build Up Your Email List:

How does one build their email list using content marketing? Simply by getting the word out there that you have something of value they can get their hands on if they get on your email list.

Going back to our blog post example, maybe you at the bottom of that 10-book list, you include a giveaway for something related - perhaps a few of the included books. In order to enter the giveaway, the reader will give you their email address and now you've built your list of ideal readers!

Another example of this is if you have a reader magnet, write up a social media post inviting your subscribers to go grab your free ebook, novella, or bonus scene, and again, they’ll give you their email address in order to receive this freebie.

Reach Specific Target Markets:

There are all kinds of platforms with sub-niches and “cliques” that may likely be your ideal reader. Knowing this will allow you to use different tools in a strategic way that will place your content in front of the right eyes. For example, hashtags, online communities, and even Facebook groups.

Utilizing these within your content or putting your content inside of these (as long as it’s allowed) allows you to tap into distinct niches on different platforms.

Ads are also a super powerful type of content for achieving this goal because you can specifically target these people with the couple clicks of a button.

Build The KLT Factor:

Video content is absolutely the most powerful kind of content when it comes to this content goal. The level of connection is much more intense via video vs just text or image-based content. So content like vlogging, authortube, going live on your Facebook page or in your group, using Instagram stories. All of those video-based content types will absolutely help you build the KLT factor. That’s not to say that you can’t achieve KLT with other content-types, it’s just that humans connect much stronger with another via video.

Now you don’t have to do strictly video to build out a whole authortube channel in order to achieve this. This could be as simple as - say you have an important announcement. Perhaps you just got your box of author copies in from Amazon and so you pull out your camera and do a quick unboxing - share your excitement. They’ll hear your voice and see your face and be getting a glimpse of your book in the process. Bonus points if you share a link to your preorder in the comments so that they have a CTA to follow after watching.

If you want to dig into some more great tips, definitely go join the Thriving Scribes Resource Library. It’s got lots of free goodies to help you thrive in authorship including the author platform quick start guide.

I hope this gave you some great ideas for different types of content you can be creating on your platform that can both grow your author business and sell your books.

Remember content marketing for fiction authors isn’t all about being salesy and constantly pushing your books. It’s about connection, visibility, and building up your author brand as a whole.

If you want to know more about creating a killer content strategy for your author platform, click on the video you see in the corner and I’ll share some of my best tips for getting started.

Finally, if you liked this video please give it a thumbs up and subscribe to my channel and I will see you next time. I'm always rooting for you bye.

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