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Today I'm going to talk about something that I think is really, really important when it comes to being an author or an entrepreneur of any sort and it's something that a lot of us really worry about and spend a lot of our time trying to figure out exactly how to get our messaging across to our readers and how to best reach them. And it's frustrating when you are putting in all of this work and instead of getting those raving fans like you want, you're getting crickets. And so today I'm going to talk to you guys about three questions to ask yourself if you are feeling overlooked by readers on social media.

Before We Begin...

I really want you to take a quick look at the surface level of your messaging and the core of your brand. Because all of this really comes together and in the end your branding and your messaging is exactly what your readers are seeing from you.

So when you look at it this way, your messaging and your brand should be incorporated into all of those things that you were writing, like your newsletters, your social media postings, your ads even. Without having a clear idea of what your brand messaging is going to be then you can easily easily end up just throwing spaghetti noodles at the wall hoping that something sticks.

This is because you honestly aren't quite sure what your readers are looking for and your readers aren't quite sure what to expect from you. So if this sounds familiar to you and you can totally relate with maybe not getting the engagement or the reach that you were hoping for, then keep on reading because I'm going to give you three questions to ask yourself that will help put your perspective back on the right track.

I've Totally Been There

But for now I want to tell you that you're not alone. I was kind of doing the same thing. I didn't have a clear vision and my clarity on my branding was definitely not where it should have been a year ago. And I spent months and months just kind of testing everything and dipping my toes into all the different pools of content creation and I was feeling so spread thin and washed out because I wasn't reaching anybody.

It seemed like nobody was hearing what I was saying and I was just doing so much content creation. I was trying to write as many blog posts as I could. I was trying to be active on social media multiple times a day. I was just trying to create whatever content I could because you know, some advice that I was hearing was that the more that you crank out, the more that you create, the more that people will be able to see you.

But that's not exactly true because if you're not clear on exactly what your brand is and what your message is being built around, then your core message is just going to be a mess and readers aren't going to be able to connect with that as easily.

And so when you create your brand and your messaging around the core of your business and what you stand for and what you're wanting to provide, that everything flows seamlessly and you are going to be able to avoid confusing your readers. They're going to know exactly what to look at you for.

1) What do you teach and/or give your readers or your followers

Alright, so now that we've covered that, let's jump right into the first question that you should ask yourself. If you're struggling with your messaging and connecting with your readers on social media. The first of these is what do you teach and/or give your readers or your followers.

So those people who are following you or those people who maybe are checking out your page and considering giving you a follow, what is it that you are offering them? What are you teaching them? What value do you provide on these channels? So it's very easy as somebody who is a product creator, as writers, we obviously want people to buy our books or even just read our free Ebook, but nobody gets on social media to be bombarded with sales pitches. That's just not what the average every day social media user is looking for. When they get on the Internet, they're looking to connect, they're looking to be inspired, they're looking to be excited about something.

And so, if you are one of those writers who are sitting here thinking - "Wow, I don't really know what I am offering these followers and these readers on my social media profiles except for - Oh hey, I just published a new book!" Or things like that then something that I suggest for you to do is to sit down and really rethink your social media content strategy. See if there are ways that you can give those followers something to be inspired by or excited for, something to get their hopes up, something to elicit a conversation. Any kind of value like that that you can offer your followers is going to really take your social media up a notch and help you connect more with your ideal reader.

2) Why do you offer these services

Now the second question to ask yourself is, why do I offer these services? This is an important one. Why is it that you are on facebook or instagram or youtube or pinterest or any of the other social media services? Why are you there and why are you offering what you do?

If your goal on social media is just to announce new book releases, then it's going to be a given that you're not going to get as much engagement because as I mentioned earlier, you're not offering much value other than saying- "Hey, I just released a new book."

But if your goal on social media is to connect with people and grow your own tribe then being really clear and having that clarity on what your goal is for your social media platform is going to help get yourself into alignment towards your social media goals.

That said, this is also a really great activity that will help you discover which social media platforms you really shouldn't be using because they don't fit in line with those goals that you have for yourself.

3) Why do you offer these services

The third question that you should be asking yourself is, how do these subscribers grow from my services on social media.

Your content in your value - how are your subscribers and your followers growing from this? What are they gaining? Going back to what you are teaching or what value you are giving - now you need to be looking at how do they grow from this?

How can they use this information to benefit themselves? When you have these fundamental pieces in place of your branding and your messaging, it all becomes easier to write copy that will connect and convert and your intention becomes clear. Meaning that you will attract more people who want to read your books and who want to connect with you and engage with you. 

Focus On Your Messaging

Messaging is a huge piece of the puzzle when it comes to being a self-published author or really just an author of any sort. Running a successful business really, really relies on the fact that you have a strong business core.

Back about a year ago when I really took the time to focus on my messaging, I started consistently seeing more engagement on my social media profiles as well as more people wanting to engage with me. Which means I was growing my community. I was building my tribe of both people who were excited to see what I was creating and those who just really wanted to root me on and watch my journey.

If your social media posts are not performing how you would like them to then go ahead and dig right into the root of the issue and get the core of your business, your messaging, and your branding aligned by asking yourself the three questions above.

I hope that these questions really help you dig deep into your messaging and your branding and get you back on the right path with your social media ventures.

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