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what if YOU had a community of ideal readers who were engaged, connected, and ready to buy your books?

Author Platform Incubator is a week by week, highly customizable plug-and-play content creation system that will help you elevate your author platform to all new heights!

wouldn’t it feel great to know exactly what to say on your author platform every single day?

Email. Blog Posts. Video Content. Social Media.

You’ve heard it before…

The money is in the list!

Build a readership community!

An author platform strategy is essential!

Because visibility + connection + engagement = your super fans

But even though you know this, you still find yourself thinking…

What even are you supposed to write about each week in between book launches?

How can you crank out social media, blog, and newsletter content on top of all the other to-do’s?

All the gurus tell you to not to be “too salesy”, but then how do you actually make book sales?

Besides, what’s the point of  a platform if you’ve yet to publish your first book or you just don’t have a huge following yet?

Most authors struggle with building an online presence for a few reasons…

Funnel Fest FB Days (3)

They’re keeping themselves busy with writing those awesome book babies, and without having an actual system + strategy in place, they aren’t “finding the time” to create a post or write a newsletter.

People buy from other people! Not some faceless entity across the web. But, they can’t figure out how to encourage engagement, think of something their readership connects with, or create the kind of results that seem worth their time.

Canva - Man Reading Book Beside Woman Reading Book-min

And if they’re not supposed to just drop in and say “Grab my book for 99 cents – today only!” then how are they suppost to actually encourage followers to turn into readers?

and that’s why winging it just ain’t working!


The Author Platform Incubator gives you a weekly content plan for a YEAR that is engaging, valuable, and designed to create a community of raving fans.

Suddenly, it’ll feel easy to write that weekly blog post or authortube video, social media posts, and newsletter.

API will give you clarity on exactly what to send to your audience, how to  batch create content so that you can have more freedom, and make content creation a waaaaay easier task.

curious what you’ll find inside?


Use these strategic post prompts to help you create:

  • Author Blog Posts
  • Video Posts (I’m talking to you Authortube)
  • Or even Podcast Content


These story-telling prompts allow you to tell your ideal reader exactly who you are and how you’re different in an over-saturated market… as well as how they can relate to you as a human, creator, and authorpreneur.


Use these prompts to:

💚 Connect with your audience and in a fun and engaging way

👀 Captivate your audience with your fictional works

🤑 Convert your audience into readers

This is for the busy fiction author serious about leveraging the power of their author platform without the pain-in-the-neck feeling of, “What do I share today?”

❌ No more feeling invisible online.
❌ No more showing up only to say “Hey, I published my book. You can get it here.” 🙈
❌ No more feelings of giving up and quitting because social media is overwhelming.
❌ No more racking your brain trying to figure out how to turn your followers into email list subscribers, reader magnet downloaders, or book sales.

Your author platform game just got SERIOUSLY good.


Here’s the truth: I should be charging a lot more for this product. 

But I know you might have been disappointed by other digital products before (“ummm this is all I get?”).

Or you and I may not know each other yet (and everyone seems scammy on the internet, right?). 

So I’m gonna make this a really simple no-brainer for you. 

For a LIMITED time only, instead of the regular $197 price tag, I’m offering Author Platform Incubator for just $27.

Did someone say bonuses?

Here is everything inside Author Platform Incubator:

✔️ 52 Core Content Prompts (value $65) so that you are never stuck on what to say in a blog post or video again. Plus, the content batching tutorial will help you knock them out in no time.

✔️ 52 Authentic Story Social Media Prompts (value $65) to help you show up as a human being and provide authentic connection with your audience plus a guide on how to expand on and customize them to your author brand

✔️ 52 Plug-And-Play Engagement Trigger Social Media Prompts (value $65) to inspire your audience to take action through connection, captivation, and conversion methods with picture recommendations to help you choose the best social-media-worthy pic

🌟 Bonus 01 – Monthly Newsletter Template (value $27) that you can model to design your own monthly newsletter

🌟 Bonus 02 – 5 Social Media  Graphic Canva Templates (value $37) you can snag, copy, customize, and use to market you book and captivate your audience

🌟 Bonus 03 – Author Welcome Sequence Templates (value $47) word-for-word templates to help you create a welcome sequence that nurtures your new newsletter subscribers and provides massive value

🌟 Bonus 04 – The Key To Authentic Author Platform Content (value $47) a mini-training that reveals the number one thing you should gain clarity on to build an authentic author brand and how to apply it to your author platform

🌟 Bonus 05 – Building Strong Relationships Via Email (value $47) 8 hacks you can incorporate into any of your emails to quickly transform boring into personable so that you build deep relationships with your readers. Go from being “just another author” to becoming a standout personal brand that your subscribers know, like, and trust with an email marketing strategy that shines

Total Value: OVER $400

Today’s Price: $27

what they are saying…

I’ve been a self-published author for seven years and I’ve used social media on and off throughout to try connecting with readers, but it’s never felt very natural or successful. API was the first thing I saw that gave me a plan to follow without overthinking in and directly related to my fiction. I am on my third week of API now and I already see that it’s easier to work into my schedule so I’m not spending hours working on posts, but I’m also getting more engagement and followers.

I have had at least twice as many comments on my posts, 25% more likes, and a few readers have even messaged me directly!

I’m at the very beginning of my author journey and API has been so helpful in offering a path forward through the unknown waters! I love having a guide for content ideas, as well as the super-useful extras like newsletter and social media templates.

-Kathlene Brown, Author

I have been using the Author Platform Incubator for a week now and I couldn’t be happier. I been using it for my regular books and for my erotica under a pen name. I’m getting more views, likes, comments, and most important, sales. Thank you for this genius product. I am so happy with this and will absolutely tell people about it.

-Jennifer Baldwin, Author of The Teacher’s Ghost

I can attest, this is the best investment I have ever made for my platforms. Thank you so much for this!

-Happy API User

And YES! API Prompts Work For A Variety Of Channels:

  • Blog Posts
  • Facebook Posts
  • ​Podcast Topics
  • ​YouTube Topics
  • Live Video Streams
  • Captions for Instagram

What will you create?

For one year, you will have the exact plan + post prompts so that in one batching session per month you’ll have:

  • 1 x monthly email newsletter (that actually gets read!)

  • 1 x weekly core content post (this could be a blog post, Facebook live, or even an Authortube vlog)

  • 3 x social media posts (all designed to connect with, captivate, & convert your audience)

Who is Author Platform Incubator for?

Designed specifically for indie authors, this service is ideal for anyone who wants:

  • Creative post ideas, prompts, and mad-lib style templates

  • To uplevel their book marketing strategy

  • Grow their personal author brand

  • Increase engagement with readers and potential-readers alike

  • To help build excitement for their work

Hey There!

Brit Poe here – founder of Thriving Scribes and creator of Author Platform Incubator.

I’ve been creating weekly (sometimes daily) content since way back in 2011!! Yeah… you do the math.

And if I hadn’t figured a way to:

A – Keep coming up with fresh ideas, easily.

B – Make sure my posts + content actually helped to grow my business (aka drive millions of visitors to my blogs and products, which they did),

and, C – Get it all done as quickly as possible, then I would have given up a long time ago.

But I did figure it out, and now I want to share that exact system (heck, I’ll even kinda do it for you!) inside The Author Platform Incubator.

Ready to do this?

✔️ 52 Core Content Prompts (value $65)

✔️ 52 Authentic Story Social Media Prompts (value $65)

✔️ 52 Plug-And-Play Engagement Trigger Social Media Prompts (value $65)

🌟 Bonus 01 – Monthly Newsletter Template (value $27) 

🌟 Bonus 02 – 5 Social Media  Graphic Canva Templates (value $37) 

🌟 Bonus 03 – Author Welcome Sequence Templates (value $47)

🌟 Bonus 04 – The Key To Authentic Author Platform Content (value $47)

🌟 Bonus 05 – Building Strong Relationships Via Email (value $47)

Total Value: OVER $400

Today’s Price: $27



Most frequent questions and answers

Pretty close to INSTANTLY! Once you finish the checkout process, you’ll soon receive an email with all the access information you need to log into your very own private portal where your prompts are waiting for you.

Each prompt has been carefully created so that it can easily reflect different authors and different genres. 

You’ll be able to interpret them as you wish, and add your own unique style and flair.

If you miss one week, or even a couple, or maybe if you have a launch planned (or even a holiday), that’s all fine. Just pick back up again when you are ready. 

Yes, you’ll access the prompts through 2 free tools (your choice on which one you want to use – or both!): Google Docs (comes with your free G Suite account) OR Trello (a free project management tool that you can sign up for at

The social media graphic templates are made for use with

No. Due to the nature of the product, there are no refunds offered. As a company we are here to help committed indie authors to make their businesses easier, better and more profitable.

We will give you our all, and we expect the same in return from you, and that’s always a pretty winning combo.

However, if you join Author Platform Incubator and are not satisfied for any reason, please reach out and I’ll do my best to help troubleshoot.

Yes! The content and prompts are not genre-specific, so you can customize based on your genre.

Maybe. Probably! You never know 😉

But what I DO know is that you get forever access to the product, including any future updates (AKA if and when I add more prompts in the future).

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