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Biggest Author Lessons Of 2018


I'm starting a new annual tradition: My biggest author lessons of 2018! As this is my first year both in online business and authorship, these are the best biggest lessons I've learned as an author in 2018...

1) Invest In Your Career

Open yourself to it, and trust that expenses for training, tools and growth never stop. At the beginning of the year, I made my first big money investment for training on subjects I knew were weaknesses of mine.

By far, one of the smartest decisions of the year.

This goes, not only for education material but also for the things you need to create quality books. A professional editor. A professional cover designer. If you’re not willing to invest in your business and future, how can you expect readers to? This leads me to my next point …

2) You Are 100% Deserving

This point is highly intangible, but very true. Believe in yourself - that's what everybody says, for it's the key to success.

And it is. You know it is.

If you begin to doubt yourself, you begin to hesitate. You lose momentum.

In online business (as most self-publishing authors and even some traditional authors deal with the majority of social media) a big player is the comparison game, and not only is it a complete waste of time, it’s a direct route to misery.

So instead of looking at these other "more successful" authors and belittling myself or wallowing in comparisonitis, I started to ask myself why does this other author bother me? Moreover, what do they have that I want? How can I bring myself to that level? How can I play up MY stregths instead of focusing on my weakness?

And then I do it.

Don’t you love it?! I just made the comparison game an empowering tool!

3) Be Unapologetically True To Your Dreams

You are an author. You are an author. You ARE an author.

Shout it. Scream it. Believe it.

Book deal or not. Published novel or not.

I think this is my greatest lesson of 2018, and one I will thank myself for for many years to come.

I became unapologetically true to myself this year. I just said “no” to unsupportive relationships and those who scoffed at my dreams. This year, I took “aspiring” out of my bios and didn't shy away from telling my family what I was doing. I asked my husband for an extra writing hour a day, where he handled the kids and I got the words in. I set no-call and no-text hours in the morning so I could get some work done. I said “no” to the countless people referred to my writing as a hobby.


4) Do What Scares You

Creating your author empire is not easy. You have to do A LOT of things that you’ve never done before. And you have to be uncomfortable doing them. And for many, many years as I'd reach the edge of my comfort zone, I'd stop moving forward.

It was the biggest hurdle I faced for YEARS.

  • I feared putting videos on Youtube for all to see.
  • I feared creating my first product.
  • I feared scrapping a broken manuscript and feeling guilty and starting something new.
  • I feared pulling my act together and starting an actual business.
  • I feared putting my writing out there for others to read.
  • I feared the jugement of long-term friends and family when I announced my new direction in life.

But, I did it anyways. And it was very scary sometimes.  But I did it because I reached the point where staying where I WAS was so much scarier than refusing to move forward.

5) It's Okay To Shift

I'm a planner by nature. And, a borderline perfectionist on top of that. 2018 brought with it SO many twists and turns and unexpected realizations.

If you ever come to the point in your career or life where you realize that your current path isn't the one you need to be one - it's okay to shift. It's okay to indulge in adventure and say let go of the "shoulds".

Scrap that manuscript. Write in that new genre. Pursue self-publication or query that agent.

If something unplanned is calling to your heart, you owe yourself enough to answer it.

I highly recommend my upcoming end of year series, The Annual Author Review, to help you map your course in the upcoming year. The fact of the matter is, goal-setting works + it can take months, if not years to get to your desired destination. At the same time, your path is going to be fluid. That is human nature! The Annual Author Review will help reflect on the year past and plan for the year ahead.

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