Author Inspiration Series | Thriving Scribes

Hey scribe,

I'm so excited to give you the opportunity to be featured in the Author Inspiration Series!

We want to celebrate your success and give you the perks of extra exposure :)

This is an opportunity exclusively for our Thriving Authorpreneur Academy members ... if that’s you then you can find out more and apply below. If you're not a Academy member yet, don't worry - you can learn more about our membership here!

What's the series about?

This blog-based series is about sharing inspiring stories of authors, just like you, who are on this amazing authorpreneurial journey, turning their ideas into reality and achieving amazing things. No matter whether you’re launching your first pen name or you’ve been publishing books for years, we would love to hear from you.

The series is about inspiring authors at all different stages with real stories from real indies.

In the case-study-like post we’ll talk about your journey, what you write, how you got started in authorship and then we’ll dive into a specific win you’ve had since joining the Academy and how the membership has helped you along the way.

A win could be something like:

  • Building your email list to a specific number
  • Hitting a goal you set
  • Increasing your sales (sharing specific numbers)
  • Creating/launching something new (reader magnet, book or series)
  • Overcoming a mental obstacle or big challenge
  • Growing your author platform (sharing specific numbers)
  • Really anything that has really helped you and transformed your author-related business/life :)

We’re looking for real, authentic, raw stories that will inspire others.

For your chance to be featured here’s what you need to do:

Just fill out this survey here >> Author Inspiration Application

Important Information:

  • We'd love to share "measurable" results as it helps provide visuals to the reader, but if you don't have that data—fill it out the application anyway!
  • Your interviews will be linked as case studies on the blog.  I also plan on spotlighting these posts in Academy and Thriving Scribes emails, social media, etc. It'll be a great chance to cross-promote.