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A: Activated

A binge-worthy series teaching all the secrets behind showing up as the CEO of your author business and #crushingit

Drops September 21

You became an author because you wanted to turn your passion for writing stories into a career.

Either you are just starting out or you've been at it for a while now.

But despite being really great at writing your stories, you’ve struggled to find your footing as an author. 

Sound familiar?

News flash: authorship is more than writing books.

Marketing, building a platform, getting visibility, task management, productivity, product (book) development, launching ... you get the idea.

And the bigger issue is, you still feel like you were meant for so much more.

That what you are doing is fine, but you don’t want to just be fine.

You want to write books readers love while also building the life and business you love.

But you ask yourself, "If I can’t get traction doing THIS, how will I ever create the author business of my dreams?"

A free series and a chance to win?

No, you're not dreaming.

Yes, I'm totes serious.

By showing up and sharing your takeaways in our pop-up group you'll be entered to win some amazing giveaways.

Will it be you?


I'm  Brit Poe

I know you, because I was you. 

Before launching myself full force into authorship, I spent my time building other businesses - blogging, freelancing, homeschool curriculum creator, mindset coach, brick-and-mortar owner, the list goes on and on.

After months and months of struggling to get the kind of traction I desired, I stopped pushing and took a step back. What was I doing - rather, what wasn't I doing, in my author journey that was creating this overwhelm and gear-spinning? Then it hit me. I wasn't showing up as my CEO-Author-Self. I was simply taking sporadic action and hoping for the right outcome. 😬

Not only that, but I also began to observe the author community as a whole and noticed that I wasn't the only one. Using these key observations, I was able to take the habits, beliefs, and behaviors that built successful businesses in other fields and change the trajectory of my author business. 

In this video series, I am going to reveal to you those key steps, so you can go from overwhelmed writer to Thriving Authorpreneur.

Brit Poe | Thriving Scribes