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helping you thrive in authorship

Indie authorship isn't one size fits all.

Let’s discover your authorpreneur stage, figure out your next action steps, and build an author business that feels good, makes sense, and allows you to make money doing what you love — writing good books!

Hey Author, I Know You. You started writing because it filled your cup. Then, you pursued publication because you had big dreams. Like, really big dreams.

You dove in, ready to make a living doing what you love.

But now you're overwhelmed with everything it takes to do this authorpreneur thing and it's becoming a little less dreamy.

Publishing books, building a brand, and managing this business has become something that makes you anxious and frustrated, rather than being part of your dream life.

I know you because I’ve been you. And now you’re here so I can tell you that it doesn’t have to be that way.

Thriving Scribes | Authorpreneur Strategy | Thriving Scribes

hey there!

I'm brit poe!

I'm a mom of 3, Navy wife, career writer, and serial entrepreneur. When I broke into the book business, I was astonished by all of the struggling authors looking for the magical unicorn solution that let them have it all. Turns out, there's so much more to a successful author business than just writing the books.

That's where I come in. No matter if you're an author of fantasy, romance, mystery, or sci-fi – it all comes down to designing an intentional book business and creating systems that support that vision.

A success in authorship is about showing up, writing marketable books, and building a platform and marketing ecosystem that gets those books into reader's hands.  And the less time you spend throwing spaghetti at the wall, the more time you have to spend on the part of your business that truly lights you up.

I really want to see you thrive!

Let me help you start building (or growing) your author business.

Free Resources

I like to teach, so you’ll find a nice catalog of free resources here on my site. You can sign up for my bootcamp series, download guides aplenty, or dive into one of my many free masterclasses.

DIY Resources

Not everyone is in a position to hire outside support or services, and I 100% understand that. So, with that in mind, I have resources just for you that range from magical templates and planners to deep-dive workshops and self-paced courses.


There are two types of authors that need my help. The first just need help planning or working through a snag, and then they are comfortable doing the actual work. The second type needs a little more hands-on help with either tech or accountability. Either way, I’m here for you!

No two author businesses look exactly alike, so I’ve created a curated suite of resources to help meet you where you are.

Know your numbers!

Free Authorpreneur Profit


Get a grip on how many book sales you would need to make to reach your income goals + more.

Community wins

I love this whole community!

Thriving Scribes made me feel empowered and motivated by my author journey. Reading through the Thriving Scribes Orientation packet changed how I felt towards my own journey. I love this whole community they've created. It makes me feel like part of a great community I can turn to when I need guidance or inspiration. Thank you!!

Nothing better than knowing Thriving Scribes is in your court

A path through unknown waters!

I'm at the very beginning of my author journey and this has been so helpful in offering a path forward through the unknown waters!

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